Oekaki Rusydee Artz Kembali di Rindu.Org!

Alhamdulillah, nampaknya Dee sudi membangunkan semula Rindu.Org nya dengan diisi oleh Oekaki Rusydee Artz!

Ini membuka semangat buat beberapa pelukis yang merindui Rindu.Org dan Oekaki Dee. Tahniah buat Dee.

Saya juga akan terus bersemangat dengan usaha saya dan jalan saya tentunya jalan-jalan yang "free" seperti blog dan forum free ini. Sebab tentunya perjuangan gratis akan melalui jalan-jalan gratis saja.

Ini lukisan pertama saya di oekaki Dee yang terkini ini:

Selamat menyertai beramai-ramai Oekaki Rusydee Artz dan melukis online pada waktu real time secara semangat! http://www.rindu.org/


Ruqaiyah Hmy said...

oekaki tu apa erk?

mfrstudio said...

Oekaki (お絵描き?) (お: O = Formal prefix, 絵: E = picture, 描き: KAKI = to draw) is the Japanese term to describe the act of drawing, meaning "doodle or scribble".

Oekaki on the Internet refers to a bulletin board system allowing artists to draw online and share their pictures.[1] The drawings are generally not uploaded; pictures are done using an online drawing program inside the web browser. However, some versions of oekaki software do allow uploads, and usually the rules of that oekaki will state that only x number of uploads in a week are allowed[citation needed]. Drawings can be done with a computer mouse, a graphics tablet, or a touch screen.

The underlying computer technology used in oekaki can be a Java applet or ActiveX. Some oekaki systems offer enough features to create high quality images. The resulting picture is usually in dimensions of a few hundred pixels wide or long. The most popular applets used on English internet forums are OekakiBBS, PaintBBS, and Shi-Painter